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We are a team of professionals who understand communication. We do not sell translations or interpreting. We provide you the tools you need to speak to foreign audiences.

We are active conference interpreters and we know and trust the colleagues we recruit. By working together, we create synergy to make your communication seamless.
We are also licensed as official translators by the Czech Ministry of Justice. We are trained to work with sensitive documents. We work on projects invididually or in specialized project teams.
You might not know the Czech market but we do. And we will get you the best people around.


Ina Maertens (2).jpg

Ina Maertens

Ina is a consultant interpreter based in the Czech Republic. She is a member of the Association of Conference Interpreters in the Czech Republic (ASKOT) and a sworn translator of English, Russian and Czech.

Ina's customers are mostly banks, law firms and pharmaceutical companies - but when she is not in the board room, you will probably find her at the hockey rink.

Jiřina Holkupová

Jiřina is a Czech interpreter accredited to work for the EU institutions. She also serves as a sworn translator.


Jiřina has a teaching background and she is involved in interpreting methodology and training projects. Her portfolio includes both technical and creative work for brands expanding to the Czech market.

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